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BREAKING: Rs. 75 Crore budget for special effects in Housefull 4

via Bollywood Hungama

As Akshay Kumar gears up to do his first costume drama producer Sajid Nadiadwala is readying himself to make the most expensive film of his career, if not one of the most expensive films in the history of Indian cinema. We now come to know that the budget for the special effects alone in Housefull 4 is a staggering Rs.75 crores, give or take a few crores.

Confirming this whopping figure Nadiadwala says, “You got the budget for our SFX right, and it should not surprise you. Housefull 4 will be the first Bollywood film to go into the reincarnation/costume drama space within the comedy genre. We cannot afford to let the visual spectacle be tacky just because we will give the audience a star-studded film. Gone are the days when filling a film with stars was enough incentive for audiences to flock theatres. Now the audiences understand technical finesse. We have to compete with The Avengers, Wonder Woman and Baahubali.”

Housefull 4 will be staged in two different time zones, one in the present and the other going back to the days of chariots elephants gladiators and sword fights. Akshay Kumar who has never done a costume drama before is already prepping in what Nadiadwala calls the ‘Dharamveer-meets-Baahubali’ costumes.

Interestingly director Sajid Khan had a massive fall-out with Nadiadwala after Housefull 2. The third segment was directed by Sajid-Farhad. Now Nadiadwala is worried on how to tell the Sajids apart on the sets. “In Housefull 3 we had at least Farhad along with Sajid. Now it’s back to Sajid only. Khan and Nadiadwala,” sighs the producer of what could be the most expensive film ever produced in India.

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