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Box office: Chef turns out to be the biggest disaster of 2017

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Subhash K Jha speaks about Chef1

This is as terrible as it gets. While there have been disasters before and there are going to be disasters in months to come as well, the manner in which Chef has unfolded at the box office is simply unprecedented. There have been movies in the past too where collections have hovered in the range of just Rs. 1 crore on a daily basis; however these have been films with either absolutely no star cast or have actors who haven’t delivered solo hits in the recent times. Still the manner in which Chef is collecting currently has led to major disappointment amongst all involved with not just the film but also within industry in general.

This can be seen by the fact that even on Saturday the numbers were just Rs. 1.35 crore that is hardly an increment over Rs. 1.05 crore that the film had collected on Friday. Had this been a release in say 200-300 screens, it still could have been understandable. However the film has seen a good spread out release which means the potential is to collect Rs. 8 to Rs. 10 crore on a daily basis. To see just Rs. 2.40 crore coming in two days when there was potential to collect almost Rs. 20 crore pretty much gives a sense of the kind of occupancy that the Raja Krishna Menon directed film is currently seeing.

While this is disheartening for everyone and the chapter would be closed much sooner than expected, it must be particularly disheartening for Saif Ali Khan who just hasn’t been able to get a good success under his name for a really long time now. There were hopes pined on Chef considering the fact that the film had him play the kind of character which is pretty much in his comfort zone. While he has done well, it is quite clear that audiences were just not interested in seeing the film due to which what was supposed to be a good comeback has turned out to be his lowest ever since one can remember.

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